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Women by Small Stories


Hector Lopez enjoyed watching women put on makeup. He’d noticed the way they develop routines for preparing themselves for the day ahead or a night out. These routines are like private rituals.

Some women are meticulous. Others apply makeup hastily. Some of them use expensive cosmetics. Some of them use whatever comes to hand. It’s part of the ritual of being a woman.

There was one who made herself up like no other. Her name was Jennifer. She had a petite body and enjoyed showing it off with tight fitting clothes. She loved getting attention.

She did her makeup on the bed by the window using a hand-held mirror. She’d kneel in her underwear, studiously checking the quality of her work, continually asking the time.
He would lean over the bed and kiss her goodbye.

Jennifer used to give him those sultry looks. He always went back for another kiss.

“I’m late,” she’d say. “I’ve got to rush.”

Then she’d giggle for no reason. She was strange like that. Sometimes she said exactly what she was thinking. At other times she was mysterious. He never knew what to expect.

Looking back he must have been in love.

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