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So after a long sabbatical, or whatever, I’ve decided to start blogging again. I have a new job, a new distro, a new pair of shoes and the same shitty apartment, and the same cynical, somewhat misanthropic point of view. 🙂

Along with picking up blogging again, I plan on changing the theme for both my blogs.

So consider this back on!

Thank you

I’m back. Not like you care…


FeedBurner and Widgets and Shout Outs

Just another quick shout out. I’ve been doing a bit more work on this blog o’ mine. I added a FeedBurner syndication button on the right, so for those of you who aren’t subscribing, now I’d know. Also, along the widget areas on the bottom right, I’m putting badges with links to services, podcasts, software and distros I like and want support in the only way I can: showing all my nonexistent readers where to go. You’re welcome.

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Just a Quickie

I don’t know of you’ve noticed, but I’ve been kind of all over the place the past (and next) few days. I’m trying to organize all my posts into categories so when new people visit my site, the can press the handy category links on top and actually see something. Every so often I think of a new subject that wouldn’t fit in any existing categories, so I got to make a new one and then fill that with something. Some might say that I’m spreading myself too thin, but I don’t think so. This is my personal blog, and all of the things I discuss are important to me.
Coming up are some music based posts. My love of Creative Commons and Jamendo, and some reviews of some albums I got off there. I also like playing the guitar. If you’re lucky,  you may even get to hear me play. (I doubt it, though).

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More “A.D.”

I will be updating and rearranging my “About”  pages making them more comprehensible and navigable. Also using this post to use the category “administrative detail” to see what happens, as I assigned that category as an “aside” according to my theme. This really doesn’t concern you.

Update – stories and categories

Got two stories almost ready for human consumption. I will post ’em sometime next week. Both are about love, wanting love, losing love. Enjoy them and give me feedback.
The other thing is just a little organization detail. Considering all the things I (will) blog about, I need more organization other than a tag cloud. So I will be using categories like “linux” and “stories” and “bullshit.” Not all posts will be categorized, like this one. Just ones that have specific subjects.
Now if I just had some readers.

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