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Sun Through Leaves

Took this photo last summer. These trees are outside of a Subway on Louisiana and Central. It makes a really pretty wallpaper

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FACELESSTrashcan outside of Saggio’s Pizza. The sticker intrigued me.

Sticker detail

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Colorado Sunrise

colorado sunrise

I caught this on my way back to Nebraska for my sister’s wedding. It was about 5:30 am. I could never sleep well while traveling. Anyways, the sun peeked up through its blanket of clouds and greeted me with a beautiful and vibrant “Good Morning!”

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I’m going to start putting more photos on my blog. This is just an example. Also look forward to seeing this photo on my other blog: ABQ Graffiti Files.

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ABQ Graffiti Files is Live!

My new photo blog documenting different graffiti in and around Albuquerque is live and my first post is up. Check it out!

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