More Who

I have approximately 4 lives, none are mutually exclusive. My personal life, people know me as Ravel. I was named after the Italian composer Maurice Ravel, whom I personally don’t care for. I’m not a philistine, I just prefer older, classical and romantic music. This life includes my friends and my Fiancée, Amanda. This bleeds into my natal-family life. I grew up in Western Nebraska to a small family, which includes my mom and two younger sisters. The older is recently married and happy. The younger is in middle school. I grew up very “mixed.” I am Latino/Chicano (Lopez), but I’m a third-generation American. That’s how I identify myself, primarily, as does my Mom, but second generation. My grandfather, my mom’s father, was born in Colorado. I take his name, Lopez, because my father, who was Mexican, left the US before I was born. Not that that means anything to me.

My personal life also bleeds into my “Life Online”. My internet identity. I go by different handles in different places. When I first picked my gmail address, I chose lobonegro, which means black wolf. The name Lopez comes from the latin Lupus,for wolf, and black being my favorite color. So, when websites ask for an email address, I’m typically known as lobonegrorlopez. When I made my UNM email, I used rlopez12, m initials and one of my favorite numbers, (5 is my other). rlopez12 is my IRC nick and some forums handles. I would like a creative name, but I don’t need it. I’m proud of my name, but if I were to consolidate and make things more consistent, I would use Ravel more.

The most “outlying” life of mine is my Work/School identity. My first name is Domingo, and I don’t really care for it. Neither does my mom. She gave it to me as per Latino/Christian tradition. It’s a very Christian name. (Domingo->Dominic->St. Dominic->Dominican Order). She wanted to call me something unique. But all the paper work says “Domingo.” I’ve run into trouble with my names and confusing people, so as far as the Bureaucrats are concerned, my name is Domingo.

I’m not a religious  person. I believe in men and mankind. In people. But I’m not looking to be rude or get into a fight. I grew up a Catholic, so I know a lot from that POV, but I’m not ignorant. Ignorance is detrimental. I actively seek knowledge.

I also like to argue. Not fight, but argue using reason. It gets on Amanda’s nerves all the time. It’s very Aquarian of me. I need to understand both sides of an argument, hence the need for knowledge, but I can also recognize if there are more implications, repercussions,  or even sides to an argument. Amanda, being a Libra, can only see things from her POV. She recognizes that there’s another side, but can’t sympathize.

More to come…


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