Email Newsletters: Convenient or Antiquated?

I have a question: do email newsletters work? To ask another to the same point: does anyone like them?
Most of my favorite blogs offer them. They spin them as convenient things. Oddly enough, I find that antithetical especially to the ones that go on about clearing in box clutter.
Frankly, the less email I get, the better. I use this awesome service called Unroll.Me which has kept my “bulk” label empty for months.
Most of the blogs I care about, I follow in Google Reader (via Feedly) and Twitter (via Flipboard). Both are forms of RSS and I read, at least skim, what really interests me within the respective app. If I really like something, I pocket it, or save it to Evernote.
My inbox is for work communication, personal and family updates, and notification from my online courses. Not news.
What I want to know is if there are people who do read news via email.

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