A Few WebApps I Use to Stay Productive

To be honest, for the past few months, unless it has a specific function for work (like Photo editing, sound editing, etc) or sit as a system applet or accessory (like Dropbox) I rarely touch any of the apps I have installed. Anything I do or use is with and/or through Firefox, but I might be switching to Chrome in the near future. Here’s a list of some of the WebApps I use on a regular basis to help keep me  productive or just for fun.

  • MyFav.es – a speed dial I have set as my home/new tab page. Once logged in from any browser, you get a grid of icons in a clean interface.
  • Feedly.com – technically an addon for Firefox/Chrome/Safari (with mobile apps). It syncs Google Reader subscriptions into a beautiful, minimal magazine-like interface.
  • Google Music – I haven’t touch my media player since I signed up for this.
  • Evernote – Along with Clearly, handy for saving articles for later reading.
  • Mint.com – saves me from going into debt
  • Wunderlist/Wunderkit – Wunderlist is a slick, mac-ish to do list while wunderkit (in beta) is a social task/project manager allowing for collaboration.
  • The Color Clock – Simple clock that displays the time as a Hexidecimal color value.

UPDATE – Google Music is Now Google Play

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