3banana and Snaptic (Updated)

My first post reviewing Android Apps! Today we have 3banana. It’s an extremely versatile note taking app. Opening it brings up your notes. Notes are arranged by date modified. You can also tag notes with hash (#) tags. Pictures, web pages and anything else that can be “shared” can be saved with 3banana. But that’s only half the goodness.

The other half is the online sync  with Snaptic.com.

All notes are backed up online in a slick, comprehensible layout. With all the tags, pictures, and everything.

Now, you can’t have more than one photo per note, but all photo notes are tagged with photo, not to mention any user made ones.

3banana is free and you can log in to both 3banana and Snaptic with a Google account.

10/2/2010 – Update

The App is now named Catch Notes

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