And you thought Eggplant was bad…

Ugh. I tried not to bash Ubuntu. Really, I did. I love it. It’s still the main OS on my machines, I am going to update to 10.10 as soon as blah, blah, blah.

AND I have a deep respect for the design team because I am going into graphic design as a major. But this is straight up crap.

As of August 26, this is still (possibly) tentative, according to OMG!Ubuntu!. Here are my thoughts on what happened that day:

BOSS: I really liked the last wallpaper, but I want more orange.
DESIGNER:  OK, I have some great mock-ups of new wallpapers that ha-
BOSS: no, you don’t understand I want it like the old one, but with more orange
DESIGNER: OK, I can work on it tonight and have some examples for you to-
BOSS: I actually wanted it by the end of today
Designer: You want a whole new wallpaper by the end of th-
BOSS: THAT’S LIKE the last one
DESIGNER: Ok, I’ll see what I can d-
BOSS: Great!
DESIGNER: (To himself, pissed) you want more orange,  have MORE ORANGE
The Designer quit that day.

I can see how this ties into the new themes, which feature much more color. By color, I mean orange. But this is ridiculous. My favorite comment on it is from the “famous” Alan “Popey” Pope, from theUbuntu UK Podcast on

@popey Golly. I return from holiday to discover the new #ubuntu desktop background in 10.10 has the vomit motif dialled up a notch or two

I couldn’t agree more.

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One thought on “And you thought Eggplant was bad…

  1. the_madman says:

    You realise, Canonical just recently announced that this isn’t the default… right?

    (Of course, only AFTER the entire internet turned upside down a few times about it.)

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