Major Major – Major Major

For my first Jamendo Pick, I have for you, an Entire album: Major Major, by the band Major Major. They have a nice, indie rock feel with lots of other influences and undertones. The vocalist is full and loud, yet knows when to be subtle and sublime (Undone). The beats are heavy, the guitar is twangy and jazzy, and the bassist isn’t afraid of being heard.  There are definite latin influences, especially in Party Till it Hurts.

Chines Drop is a groovy, spacey meditation on international politics, to say the least. Get It On should ring some bells with guys who really wanted, well, sex. Innuendo ensues. Microwave is very “soundtracky,” yet morbidly hilarious.

My favorite song, No Rhyme, has some great vocal harmony, and the lyrics are terrific. In fact all members shine in this song. First the drummer gives us a driving, constant beat. Then the vocals: a combination of wit, smirks, and anguish. He pushes out every word as if he’s struggling to breath. The bassist complements the drummer perfectly. The guitar, kinda taking a back seat, makes his mark during the instrumental bridge. Another bold chorus, then silence. 2 measures later, the drummer springs back to life, fade out.

Party is another mark of genius, showing the versatility of these artists. Including a tango-like rhythm, and castanets, and a faint maraca.
The next left turn is the haunting Undone. A lone piano introduces this gloomy piece. Led by that piano, droning vocals, electric beats, a dancing guitar solo, and some whistling all build up at the end in this dissection of a man’s torment.

Scattered through are little bits of humor (Microwave) that most might not pick up on or appreciate.

Do these guys a service, head on over to their Jamendo page, listen to the tracks, and send them some money either there or through CDBaby.

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2 thoughts on “Major Major – Major Major

  1. Jason Temple says:

    Hi! Thank you for your kind review. This is the lead singer/keyboardist/bassist/songwriter for this album, and your review freaking rocks. Thank you so much – we really appreciate that you took the time to do this.

    – Jason, with Major Major

    (ps – I am working on a new album with a new band called The Monster Brothers – the new songs are pretty similar to those on this album, keep watching Jamendo for more…)

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