Backing Up Stuff

After having half a post devoted to backing up stuff, irony slaps me in the face.

My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1525. On it, about 2 inches away from the power button, there’s a little button with a “Home” icon on. I don’t know what that means, but what it does is boots into a shitty media center app called something like Dell Media Direct. I’ve wiped my hard drive several times, but apparently, Dell Media Direct exists somewhere else. Yesterday morning, right after waking up, I sleepily pressed that button instead of power. Not only did it launch that program, it also replaced my all my partitions with Ubuntu and swap and whatever, with it’s Windows junk.

I haven’t backed up my computer in weeks. I keep the important stuff, like music, videos, documents, on an external hard drive. But none of the config settings, or app settings.

Well, it was kinda lucky, because I had been planning to do a fresh Ubuntu install for awhile. I hadn’t done that since I first installed it, circa Jaunty. Well, I’ve got everything pretty much back to the way I had it. Also, the first time I installed Ubuntu, I didn’t know how to do it properly, so I let it partition automatically. This time, I made a separate home partition.

I’m looking for a simple back up tool. I’ve heard good things about Déjà Dup. I might give that a try.

I also will take (more) advantage of “cloud” services, like Dropbox and Ubuntu One. Ubuntu has never been that reliable for me, but it’s still worth a try. Those and something called Sparkleshare. It’s an open source alternative to Dropbox. Though it’s in alpha now, it looks promising.

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