My Linux Desktop Pt 1 – Overview

For the next few Linux posts, I will post screenshots and descriptions of how I finally got my desktop perfect. Probably the first thing that sealed the deal was the customizability. Almost every aspect of Gnome can be changed.

Here’s the whole thing.

Now with some windows.

I use Docky, for my main interfacing. I keep the top panel hidden and Docky on window dodge so maximized windows take up the whole screen.

My window theme is Victory. I also use the Elementary build of Nautilus and Gloobus Preview.

On My top panel, I’ve replaced the default menu with Cardapio (for more info). The right of the panel is untouched except for removing the clock. I have that on the bottom.

I have over a thousand wallpapers, most of which I got from (See wallpapers I like from there). So I use Desktop Drapes (link to softpedia, should be in the repos, though) to switch ’em every 20 minutes. Next time, I’ll show you how I use Docky. Also, how I use specific apps like Banshee and the GIMP.

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