Ravel’s Burgers

These are my burgers. I didn’t copy this recipe from anyone. If it seems like it, it’s coincidental.
I took elements from my mom’s burgers and things I picked up on other recipes. It’s quick enough, but really tasty.
1 lb of hamburger (from a butcher and organic, if at all possible*)
1/4 cup of finely chopped onion
1 large egg
Worcestershire sauce
soy sauce
barbecue sauce
sliced cheese
toppings (lettuce, tomato, jelly, etc)
Thaw the meat in the fridge. In a mixing bowl, combine the meat, onions and egg with your hands. Make sure it’s consistent. The egg holds the meat together, the onions add a nice flavor. I’ve seen it called “Italian” style, but my mom calls it “Mexican.” Who knows? (If you want some extra kick, chop up some jalapeños and throw them in, too.
Splash some “W” sauce and some soy sauce in. Too much of either makes them really salty.
I usually make 4 patties with it. Press ’em out about a half inch thick (I really don’t care about the thickness, so if you don’t either, cool). Season with whatever you like, I like Black pepper, garlic salt, and rosemary.

Photo taken by Amanda Arnusch (with my camera)
Throw ’em on the grill! Here’s what I do. I leave ’em alone for about 10 minutes, then I flip ’em, and brush a little BBQ sauce on top. Another 5 minutes, flip, BBQ sauce (Add cheese here if you’d like). 5 Minutes more, serve. Top with whatever. Just lettuce for me. Maybe avocado.
Also pictured are an ear of corn, two hot dogs and veggie shish kebobs. You can find the recipe for those at The Awesome Vegan Yogi’s blog.
*I put that there, not so much because I care about the livelihood of live stock during captivity, but because I care about what I put into my body. Understandably, beggars can’t be choosers. I don’t mind paying a dollar or two more for organic foods. My fiancée is a full fledged vegan and member of PETA. That’s not me.
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