Respectful Bashing

I know my last 2 “Linux” posts were nothing but Ubuntu bashing. But I don’t want to give people the wrong ideas about my take on Ubuntu. So here it is.
I use Ubuntu every day. It is my main OS, I have given plenty of others a try: Fedora (Gnome and KDE), OpenSUSE (KDE), and more. To be honest, I trust Ubuntu the most. I’ve hardly ever touched the terminal out of necessity, it’s always been stable and, frankly, good looking. (No offense to the Gnome guys, but Clearlooks is incredibly dated.) Despite its similarity to the Mac’s look, the new themes Ubuntu sports are slick. But I digress.

Canonical is iffy at best, when describing their devotion to the Open Source world. They have their own agenda, as do most commercial entities. I dislike how they often choose closed and proprietary tools over free alternatives, but then I look at myself. I have plenty of “evil,” closed devices, tools and software that I take advantage of daily. And I also see that “hypocrisy,” if you will, in other places.

I’m not saying that my opinions are cut & dry, black & white. Nothing ever is. All I’m saying is that even though a lot of the criticism Ubuntu gets is deserved, they’re really going to have to do something stupid before I turn my back on them. They were my first glimpse at the world of Linux and the pride of my current desktop.

Oh, and I still hate “Natty Narwhal”

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