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One more piece of “administrative detail” to get out of the way for today, I am posting an article specifically for the “Linux” category so as I could integrate the new menu. So I don’t turn out to be liar, here is the actual Linux content.

So, in Ubuntu land, the next release has been named: Natty Narwhal. I hate it. It sucks. “Natty” is a very British adjective meaning smartly or sharply dressed. And a narwhal is a beluga-like whale with a long tusk on its forehead. I can understand Narwhal. Restricted to animals, not many interesting ones start with N. But Natty? NOBEL! instead. Nocturnal? With a cool dark theme? What about Nebulous? Clever, (but counter intuitive), that the current release is named Lucid.

I liked Jaunty a lot. More for the Jackalope. Intrepid was alright. I thought “Karmic” and “Lucid” sucked, but I liked the koala and the lynx. I thought Maverick is cool. I like the sound of saying “I have Maverick on my laptop.”


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