Here I Am, Again

Well, I’ve been busy, and at the same time lazy. You know it happens, so don’t give me any guff, as my grandpa says. But, I’m back. As promised (I think), I am working on a few stories to share with you guys (like I get any traffic). On is about a young man who falls in love with a troubled girl, while at the same time, leaving troubles of his own behind. It’s disjointed, confusing, dark. The other is a shorter, poetic story about being in love, yet alone. What can I say? I don’t write happy stories, I guess. (I’m also working on one about murder and worse., but it’s kind of a surprise, so keep your mouth shut).

I have been using Linux (Ubuntu) as my main OS for a year now. To commemorate, I will post a post about my experiences, things I’ve noticed, habits I’ve acquired, etc…. I will also put a sort of a timeline of my activities. As a follow up, I plan on changing a few things around on my main PC. I want to play with KDE so I might just give the KDE spin of Fedora a try. Les see how that goes.

I also have another blog in the works. I do a lot of walking in the city I live in. I see a lot of graffiti, some good some bad. So, I decided to document it photographically. I might change it from WordPress to Tumblr, I’m not sure, though.

On a personal note, another important date coming up is my three-year anniversary with my girlfriend/fiancee Amanda. If you’re wondering about that “title,” we are engaged but have no date set in the foreseeable future. Another happy thing is that my sister is getting married! That oughta be fun!

Since I got Android 2.2 on my Nexus One, I’ve been able to tether it to use internet with some live booting without having to worry about finding free Ethernet ports. (I don’t know if I’ve said, but I don’t have a regular internet connection at my apartment). It’s allowed me to play with Kubuntu, Fedora and Linux Mint without dual booting or virtualization.

Other than that, not much else has been going on. I’ve been playing with more, lately. So if you’re into that, you can find me there and see what I’m listening to.

Oh yeah, my girlfriend is a vegan now. She’s taken a look at her life and decided it needed a change for the better. She now eats no animal products, is a member of PETA, and does yoga at 5:30 am. She’s happier, healthier and thinner. On an unrelated note, today I enjoyed a sandwich called  a five-0, five different meats from five different animals. And later, I think I’ll play Halo for a few hours.


Believe me, I do have a few good post ideas for the future. In the meantime, take it easy. Don’t let the Man get you down.


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One thought on “Here I Am, Again

  1. jill says:

    you are so smart!!!

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