The New-Buntu

Well, there has been a lot of talk, lately, about Ubuntu switching their branding. I don’t have too much to say about that.

Ubuntu Logo
The New Ubuntu Logo with new font

The logos are nice, mostly due to the newly commissioned font. The new color scheme is uninteresting. The brown was nice and unique, and could have been used greatly, but it wasn’t for everyone. Oh, well. The new theme has been promised over and over again. It’s finally here, but it looks like Mac OS X. From the polls I’ve seen, the majority of people would like the window buttons moved back to the left, I am one of them, but that is just a few clicks away for me any way. I personally like the freedom Linux gives users to change things we don’t like, for the most part.

New Ubuntu Dark Theme

I think Ubuntu is having an identity crisis, mostly due to the fact that they have idolized the look of Apple. They think that copying will get them attention. Ubuntu is confusing the sleek-and-shiny-ness of everything that Steve Jobs shoots out his ass for innovation. Then they herald THAT, letting creativity and originality fall away. Everyone in Canonical uses Macs, so they obviously are letting their experience seep through. I personally, don’t like it.

Then that brings me to my next point, why aren’t they running Ubuntu, their product? Anything that can be done on a Mac, can be done on Ubuntu, proprietary software aside. And if something can’t be done, shouldn’t the ones who work on it do something about it, maybe incorporate an existing application that does it, or develop a new one? Yeah, taste is something, but someone who chooses to work on a Linux distribution aimed at mainstream (cough…mac!) computer users, who uses a Mac to do it is a hypocrite.

Whew, enough ranting for one day.

I don’t hate Macs. I hate Apple, Steve Jobs, their business strategies, they evil closed-ness, the iPad, DRM, people who smack their lips when they chew, annoying neighbor kids, faulty condoms, and people who choose ignorance because they lack the balls to discover enlightenment because the knowledge that accompanies it is frightening. An OS is an OS. They all pretty much do the same things. Some by freedom and great communities, others by DRM and a harvesting the money tree that is the Mac Fanboy.

I know, I said enough.

After all is said and done though, I can’t really say any of it is bad. The new look is long over due and for the better. I like the slickness and professionalism of it all. Comparing the older to the new, the old looks dated and childish. Despite Canonical’s, um..”influences,” I like the direction they’re going with the look.

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3 thoughts on “The New-Buntu

  1. Ben says:

    Meh, I still don’t like the wallpaper. A more professional one would be less abstract, and maybe include the logo somewhere (not that I think that would be a good wallpaper either).

    …you mean you’d like them to move the buttons back onto the right, right? Lot of people getting their lefts and rights confused lately, huh? Not that it never happens to me, but it seems like it’s happening way more often than it should, especially with people who are so concerned with which side the buttons are on to begin with. (that’s not to say that you’re so concerned about it…)

    Anyway, I’m of the opinion that the button placement isn’t a really big issue. It could confuse people, but it’s not as if they’re putting Jobs’ signature on Ubuntu and (as you mentioned), it’s fairly easy to put them back if you know how. In the same sense, I don’t think the light theme is a bad thing either; I don’t particularly like it (light themes usually hurt my eyes…looking at this text-box is hurting my eyes, now that I mention it), but it’s not particularly Apple-esque, and you have to remember that the window decorations aren’t the only part of the GTK look: there’s also the buttons and other widgets to consider (like the help button in your screen shot, for instance), and I doubt they look much like those on Mac OS (or, I haven’t seen any images which suggest otherwise).

    That’s all I can think of at the moment. If you think of anything else for me to think about, be sure to let me know; I like thinking. 😉

    • Ravel says:

      I didn’t say much about the wallpaper because one of the first things I do with a new install is change the wallpaper any way.

    • Ben says:

      Me too, but I figure the wallpaper is one of the major things that the user encounters (first), so if you’re going to try for a particular look you should try to match the wallpaper, too…which is why I thought I’d mention it. ^^;

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