Well, Here It Is

So far, no one knows what to expect, and I don’t blame you. I can be unnecessarily vague at times. But, do I need a focus? If I do, then,I plan on talking about and commentating on things that interest me.
For those interested in Linux, I’ll recap and comment on different news and application updates. I will also share simple screencasts and screenshots of what I’ve implemented on my desktop.
Every now and then I’ll throw in reviews of new movies and music, especially indie music I come across.
I’ll talk a lot about music. I am a big fan of the band Tool. Well progressive rock and metal in general, but the ideas and thoughts behind that band are really profound. Even if you (the reader) are not a fan of that style of music, that doesn’t mean you need to be ignorant to what they have to say. I’ll get into it later.
I’m also something of an armchair philosopher. I delve into to different areas that are appealing to me, mostly existentialism and humanism. These things interest me. I don’t want to call myself an intellectual, but as things come up in my life, I like to apply the things I know to them, analyze, and come up with somethings.
I read every now and then, I also listen to some very informative podcasts, and of course any current events  local, national and international news that strikes me as interesting I’ll comment on. I try not to open my mouth unless I know what I’m talking about. But of course, I can’t know everything; I might be wrong sometimes. That doesn’t mean I didn’t try not to be ignorant.
And among other things, I do photography, graphic design, photo-manipulation, write music (sparsely), play my xbox, shoot  and edit shitty home films. Most of those projects will be up here, too.
If I’ve still got you here, you’re probably thinking, “Mmh, I think he’s putting too many of his eggs in one basket.” Yeah, that’s one way to look at it. But all of those things interest me. I’m not trying to make a successful blog, make a name for myself, get a book deal, sell millions and look forward to some idealistic movie movie maker to make a film out of my life and win some stupid film festival award. That’s not what I want. I just want people to hear what i have to say. Read my bio. I need an outlet. I’m about to drive my fiance insane, maybe even myself. I’m not doing it because every idiot and yabo has a fucking blog. They might be doing it because of that, but I’m not.
Hey, if you’re still hangin on, I’m proud of you. This post is basically what to expect. You might here about my fiance, my school, my apartment, the weird shit that goes on in my neighborhood, whatever.
Thanks for sticking it out, youre a trooper.

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